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DIY Barn Wood - How to make new wood look like barn wood!

To make new wood look like barn wood is simple and cheap! Take a spray bottle and shove a piece of steel wool in it , next mix it with vinegar! Let rest for a few days shake it up and spray the wood and voile; When it’s dry you have a nice greyish barn board look!! Simple!

Rusting Metal

To rust metal simply mix 1 part bleach to 2 parts vinegar! Be careful the scent is strong! Where a mask! Put some hinges or whatever metal you want to and let the rest do the work! Let sit approx. 30 min or so! For a less abrasive way you can let the metal soak in a bucket of salt water for days or weeks! Rusted metal give a rustic industrial look to pieces!

DIY Chalk paint

To make your own chalk paint mix 2 tables spoons of unsanded grout to 2 tablespoons of water mic thoroughly and add to a cup of matte or flat finish paint! Paint away and sand with a finishing block for a smooth finish!


For a distressed look paint your piece with a base color you want to show threw ( on the edges) for a crackle finish you will have to purchase a crackle medium from your local craft store! After you paint the base color use a bar of soap or a candle stick and go around all the edges you want to show threw , wherever you put the wax/soap the base color will show threw, of course doing this technique after first base coat is dry, now doing the top coat in your choice (recommending the chalk paint, you can use flat paint also) after the top coat is dry take a 220 or so sanding block and start sanding all the edges and everywhere to have smooth finish!

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