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Upcycle, Reclaimed Wood & Pallet ~ Projects

Dresser Set Refurb

With this piece I wanted to do it in an antique white color to have a beautiful shabby chic vintage style dresser! I first took the dresser drawers and all the hardware off and the started stripping it with super remover furniture stripper! Because I’m painting this dresser I only did the top because there was some water damage and bubbled , if the bones would have been smooth from the beginning there would be no need to strip only sanded!

So anyway moving along after I stripped it I then sanded it for a super smooth finish, because I will be lightly distressing this piece there will be no need to paint the base color as I want it to be brown wood showing threw! Next; I painted this whole piece with the antique white chalk paint (homemade chalk paint recipe) once it all dried I took the finishing block and lightly distressed the whole thing! I finished it with a clear matte finishing wax by cottage paints! Love this product!

Dresser Refurbish ~ Before & After

ShabbyChik Dresser Before ShabbyChik Dresser After ShabbyChik Dresser After Close Up

Upcycled Dining room table

So Im so bummed I forgot to take the before pic…ugh! Anyway is was old and ugly dark fake stained veneer, very dated! So I thought its got a good frame so I decided to take the table top right off! i next painted the frame in my favorite antique white chalk paint! And lightly distredded the legs. Then we built a new top for it out of this beautiful old barnwood I found!! I decided not to stain the top, I wanted it to be a natural barnwood as possible having it be a clean wipable surface! I used the good ole’ vinegar and steel wool trick and sprayed the whole thing down , once it dried I did about 5 or so coat of satin polyurethane! I loved out this

Dresser Refurbish ~ Before & After

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