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Once is not enough...
What Once Was Old Will Be New Again!

About IBRC

Lisa-Marie PettlovelloI’m Board Rustic Creations was literally founded when I found myself somewhat "Bored".

Having run my commercial cleaning company throughout the summer; come the off season I found myself looking for a little something extra to bide my time throughout the winter months. One day after my busy cleaning season I decided to build and design my first pallet headboard for my niece! I posted the pic of the final product on Facebook and the response I got from facebookers was absolutely incredible!

From there, the game was on!!! I started building more and more pieces, everything from headboards to coffee tables, custom wine racks & more.

My Passion for creation & design has turned into a full blown business, nevertheless one that I love! Needless to say I’m no longer "bored"! I’m busy being inspired to keep creating more & unique pieces each and every day!

There is nothing more rewarding than taking something old, worn out & forgotten about ~ adding a pinch of hard work, a smidgen of design and a trumendous amount of passion to bring it back to life and have it wanted once again.

Once is never enough.....

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