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I’m Board Rustic Creations (IBRC) is a rapidly growing small business located in Kelowna BC, the heart of the Okanagan valley. We specialize in wholesale production of a variety of stock & seasonal residential home & office décor; as well as custom commercial & residential pieces from harvest tables, counter tops, custom wedding decor ~ to cutting boards and everything in-between.

The once quaint garage based business now operates out of a 5000-square foot commercial space equipped to handle large scale orders, palletization & deliveries to fulfill the demands of the public for our unique line & style of products.

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Looking for a custom one of a kind piece ~ Have an old piece/set you would love to see restored or re-furbished?

Please inquire by phone (250) 870-1177 or ~ Contact Us to get started.

~ It's going to be great ~

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